Movie & Wine Pairing


Domaine du Mistral 2013
Côtes-du-Rhône Villages, Plan de Dieu AOC, France

Foreign Correspondent (1940)
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Joel McCrea stumbles onto a dangerous international conspiracy at the dawn of World War II, in one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most satisfying political thrillers. The film has aged gracefully just as the acclaimed and cherished red wines from the southern Rhône Valley have done for centuries. Voluptuous dark fruit flavors and wild herb notes complement a film of vivid black and white photography and unforgettable intrigue.


The Rhône is a haven for rich, intense reds with serious finesse – especially when the wine is made by someone with as much talent as Yves Aubert. His Domaine du Mistral is a classic blend of strawberry-fruited Grenache and meaty Syrah – all grown in the fashionable Plan de Dieu district. The last several vintage releases have won golds galore, and the 2013 is happily carrying on the tradition, thanks to its gold- and trophy-win at the 2014 Concours des Vins de Vinsobres .


The Rhône Valley comprises two distinctly different regions. The cooler north is known for peppery, refined reds and luscious whites (the hill of Hermitage and the tiny enclave of Condrieu produce some of the best). As the Rhône river winds south toward the Mediterranean, things get much warmer. It’s here you’ll find the famous village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, revered for its lush, age-worthy reds. Nearby, the Aubert family has made wine for generations, in the tiny hamlet of Travaillan.


Just five miles from Châteauneuf, the Aubert family’s vineyards enjoy many of the same ideal vineyard conditions, including the presence of heat-trapping, flavor-boosting galet stones. This cuvée is named for another Rhône hallmark, the Mistral wind, which funnels up from the sea and whistles through the valley, kissing the grapes with coolness and leading to more intense aromas and flavors.


Many Rhône locals are big into hunting (boars are actually a serious vineyard pest, so it’s for the good of the grapes!). Yves’ favorite pairing for this special cuvée is venison. Go traditional with a dish like Civet de Cerf (venison braised in red wine), or try something daring, like a venison carpaccio. Alternatively, sip this with your favorite lamb, beef or pork dish.

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