Don’t Fear the Pink: June is Rosé Month!

by Sarah Shotwell

June is Rosé Month_blogRosé is making a splash this June in tasting rooms all over the west coast! And it’s no surprise: with so many different styles, shades, and food pairing options, Rosé is as versatile as that favorite little black (sun) dress. However, Rosé hasn’t always had such a stellar reputation stateside. Back in the 80s, cheap, cloyingly sweet or watery [...]

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Three Wines For The Poolside

by Sarah Shotwell

Three Wines for The Poolside_blogSummer is here, and across the country, wine lovers are looking for the perfect wine to sip by the pool. But on a warm day, having a big glass of beefy west coast cab or zin (with alcohol content spiking into the high 15s) is a recipe for exhaustion. Keep cool this summer with these lower-alcohol European varietals! 

Vinho Verde is [...]

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Grillaxing: A Father’s Day BBQ

by Paullette Gaudet

Fathers Day Grillaxing_BlogIt’s no accident that the calendar placement of Father’s Day is right smack in the middle of high BBQ season: with tongs wielded as scepters and a sensible brimmed cap—err, crown—keeping the sun off his schnozz, Dads across the land rule summertime backyard cookouts with both benevolence and hickory-based secret sauces. In order to truly celebrate Dad on his day, don’t remove [...]

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Kernel Knowledge: Get Home Popcorn Topping Ideas, Here!

by Paullette Gaudet

Popcorn_blogAt the Cineplex, a movie viewed without popcorn is much like an upright nap taken in a dark room full of strangers: dull, uncomfortable, and a bit unwise. Resist replicating this at your next home movie night—take advantage of being within walking distance of your very own kitchen and wow guests with some seriously seasoned popped corn. The basic recipe is oil-plus-salt, but gourmet [...]

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Movie & Wine Pairing: On An Island With You

Our next scheduled movie & wine pairing for the TCM Wine Club will take place Sunday, June 5th at 6:00 AM (ET)

The Movie: On An Island With You (1948)
The Wine: Sunday Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2014

A movie star falls for a handsome naval officer during location shooting in Hawaii. Esther Williams, Peter Lawford, Ricardo Montalban. D: [...]

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Campfire Vino: I Would Love S’more Wine!

by Paullette Gaudet

campfire vino_blogMost folks would agree that camping in the Great Outdoors is a wonderful way to commune with nature while also testing the strength of one’s resolve and hamstrings. An oft-overlooked bonus is the opportunity to convert any die-hard, beer-drinking members of your campsite to the pleasures of sipping wine al fresco. Your best friend in this scenario (besides your bota bag) is logic: [...]

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