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A Trip to the Moon Malbec 2018
El Dorado County, California

The Thing from Another World (1951)

While Georges Melies’ film kicked off the science fiction genre, this North Poleset thriller from producer Howard Hawks was one of the first major sci-fi films of the Cold War era, a period ripe for allegorical tales of existential danger. It’s also just plain fun, with actors Kenneth Tobey and Margaret Sheridan working with a crew of scientists at a downed UFO site and a heavily made-up James Arness as the title creature. Enjoy a glass of this charming Malbec and remember to “Keep watching the skies!”


The original science fiction movie and an early special effects extravaganza, A Trip to the Moon (1902) carried viewers into outer space for the first time. Until they make wine on the moon, here’s the next best thing: a charming Malbec discovered high in the volcanic foothills of California’s El Dorado County. Thanks to the fantastic 2018 vintage, the Malbec grapes ripened to perfection, producing a red wine with layers of velvety plum, dark berry, and spice flavor. Uncork your bottle and prepare to leave this world behind ... if only for a little while!


Malbec’s home actually lies in southwest France (it was once more common in Bordeaux than Cabernet), where it traditionally makes the dark, tannic ‘black wines’ of Cahors. Today, “Malbec has become a fashionable grape to work with, thanks in large part to the popularity of Argentina’s plush and vivid versions” (Wine Spectator). It also thrives in sunny California, where it produces full-bodied, fruit-driven red wines.


VY_California_SantaCruzMtnFounded during the Gold Rush, El Dorado County is one of California’s oldest wine regions. Located in the Sierra Foothills, just an hour from Lake Tahoe, it has a long, warm growing season that ripens grapes to perfection. Vines grow at up to 3,000 feet above sea level, and the high altitude helps the fruit retain freshness. If you’ve yet to explore this historic region, this red will be a fine introduction.


steak_filetmignon_slicedLooking for an out-of-this-world pairing for this luscious California Malbec? Go for your favorite cut of steak – it’s Malbec’s classic match. You could also try tender beef roasts, grilled lamb chops, juicy burgers, or other savory red meats. Vegetarian? We love this rich red with quinoa-stuffed red peppers, mushroom ’steaks,’ or hearty bean-based chilis.

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