Movie & Wine Pairing


Al Hirschfeld ‘Harold Lloyd’ Chardonnay 2016
Mendocino County, California

Safety Last! (1923)
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One of Hollywood’s most versatile entertainers, Harold Lloyd stands with Chaplin and Keaton and as a comedic landmark of silent cinema. This label celebrates one of his most beloved films, in which he winds up dangling from an enormous clock atop a Los Angeles high-rise. Lloyd’s all-American charm is as winning as his hijinks are exhilarating. This captivating Chardonnay is the perfect costar.


The third release in our exclusive Al Hirschfeld collection pays tribute to Harold Lloyd and his famously comedic scene in Safety Last! (1932). Throughout his career, Lloyd took on a variety of roles in Hollywood: actor, comedian, director, and more. And we couldn’t think of a better grape to honor him than equally versatile and crowd-pleasing Chardonnay. This white star positively thrives in the sunny vineyards of California’s Mendocino County – especially in a fantastic vintage like 2016. You’re in for layers of luscious peach, pure apple, and subtle citrus flavors.


Chardonnay is the world’s most popular white grape, due to its attractive, mouthfilling flavors and ability to grow well in a range of climates. It performs most majestically (and expensively) in the vineyards of Chablis and Côte d’Or in Burgundy, but it also thrives in California. Depending on the site (and the ambitions of the winemaker), it can be rich and buttery or refreshing and citrusy. Harold Lloyd combines delicious elements of both styles.


VY_California_Lockwood_1Nestled in on California’s North Coast, Mendocino is about two hours north of Napa. It’s “just the place for those who like to venture off the path” (Wine Spectator). This bucolic haven for qualityconscious, family-owned vineyards is well-worth the road trip if you’re ever in the area. Not only is it a scenic drive, but your destination is home to seriously delicious values, like this lovely Chardonnay.


pork_tenderloin_applesWith its ripe, orchard-fruit flavors and smooth texture, this Chardonnay will shine alongside a variety of foods. We suggest serving it with grilled chicken drizzled in a lemon-cream sauce (to coax out the wine’s citrus notes). It’ll also be tasty with roasted turkey, pork, and other white meats. Vegetarian? This is a winning match for butternut squash ravioli or pumpkin soup.

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