Movie & Wine Pairing


Alessandro Gallici Pinot Grigio 2015
Delle Venezie IGT, Italy

Harvey (1950)
Tuesday, June 20 @ 06:00 PM (ET)

Jimmy Stewart’s beloved hero, Elwood P. Dowd, is as pure of heart as this Pinot Grigio is of character. Sip a glass of this invigorating but delicate Italian white while enjoying the charming story of a good-natured eccentric and his invisible friend, a six-foot-tall rabbit named Harvey. Matching this wine’s livelier citrus notes is Josephine Hull’s hilarious supporting performance, which won her an Academy Award.


Crowd-pleasing Pinot Grigio has taken the U.S. by storm in recent years, challenging long-time favorite Chardonnay as the No. 1 white. For the very best, we head to Pinot Grigio’s spiritual home, the cool, mountain-ringed vineyards of northern Italy, where maestro Alessandro Gallici has a passion for crafting pure, invigorating whites. As you’ll taste, he manages to capture the grape’s every perfumed, peach-filled nuance. Sip this with light seafood or chicken dishes.


Alessandro Gallici is one of northern Italy’s leading white wine specialists. He’s so well respected among his peers that he’s a welcome guest in the vineyards of the legendary Livio Felluga, whose Terre Alte is considered one of Italy’s best whites (and sells for $50-plus a bottle). Alessandro sources grapes for some of his other top whites here, and famously scours other premium parcels in the Veneto for the best fruit. He’s often spotted cruising around the region on his vintage motorcycle.


Northern Italian locals describe their mountain-ringed vineyards as aria condizionata (‘air conditioned’). It’s easy to see why, as the cooling influence of the Alps and the Adriatic Sea are ideal for locking in fresh, pure fruit flavors. Delle Venezie on the label means the grapes were sourced from different sites across the Venezie, which includes the Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige.


With its lovely citrus and melon, subtle almond and enticing spice flavors, this classic Pinot Grigio is delicious with crudités, linguine primavera with fresh-shaved Parmesan, or grilled calamari drizzled in good-quality olive oil (a dish that Alessandro tells us is his favorite). It’s also a natural match for crisp salads. Alternatively, enjoy it on its own, as a perfect aperitif.

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