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Alfred Hitchcock Presents Zinfandel 2014
Alexander Valley, California

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934 & 1956)
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One of Hitchcock's most famous plot devices is the 'wrong man': an innocent bystander who is suddenly pulled into a dangerous situation from which he struggles to escape. In the case of The Man Who Knew Too Much, Hitch does it twice – first with a villain played by Peter Lorre, and later with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day in the lead roles. Each is required viewing for the true Hitchcock fan and a thrilling partner to this captivating Zinfandel.


Famed director and master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock is noted for his distinctive style – the same can be said of top-quality Zinfandel. This limited-edition release hails from the exceptional 2013 vintage (praised across the board by critics for its richness and finesse) and premium vines in Sonoma's sought-after Alexander Valley. Look for a dizzying array of intense, brambly flavors (black raspberry, boysenberry, cranberry) along with an inviting note of licorice spice.


According to 2015 crop figures from the USDA, Zinfandel is California’s second most-planted grape (behind Cabernet Sauvignon and just edging out Merlot) – and it's regarded by many as the state’s signature red. California Zin also has a rather worldly backstory. Originally from Croatia (where it's called 'Tribidrag'), this wandering variety found its way to sunny Puglia in Italy (where they call it Primitivo), then later to the Golden State as Italians immigrated here to make their fortunes.


Once a thriving haven for dried plums (during Prohibition), tiny Alexander Valley is now renowned for wines – specifically those with ripe, complex flavors, thanks to its wide diurnal temperature shift. It's one of northern California's warmest regions, but it gets very chilly at night, which slows the ripening process and allows the grapes to develop intense and intriguing aroma/flavor characteristics.


As noted on the back label, Maria suggests letting this fine red breathe in a decanter for an hour or so before serving. Made for enjoying with a hearty bowl of paella, Palacio will also marry very well with lamb kebabs or roasted red meats (herb encrusted chicken thighs work well too). Vegetarian? Try char-grilled veggies or roasted garlic bulbs smeared on crusty bread.

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