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Ascencion Torrontés 2015
Salta, Argentina

You Were Never Lovelier (1942)
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Join Rita Hayworth in Buenos Aires (by way of a Hollywood set designer) in this lavish wartime musical, best appreciated with a glass of this exciting white wine from northern Argentina. Hayworth became Columbia’s top female star after reuniting with Fred Astaire for this story of a nightclub owner’s daughter who is courted by a talented American dancer.


Ascencion comes from Argentina’s oldest estate, and is named after the original founder’s daughter – though the name could easily be a reference to the dizzying heights of the vineyards (see below). Winemaker Francisco ‘Paco’ Puga is the talent behind our ever-popular Ascencion Malbec, but wait until you taste this enticing white. Francisco cool fermented his Torrontés grapes, bringing out extra aromatic complexity. A brief period of aging on the lees (spent yeast cells) imparts a nutty complexity.


There are three varieties that take the Torrontés name: Torrontés Mendocino, Torrontés Sanjuanino and Torrontés Riojano. The latter is what you’re enjoying here – it’s the fine, aromatic variety responsible for catapulting Torrontés to ‘star white grape’ fame in Argentina (and across the globe). Tom Cannavan of writes: “Torrontés is a white wine grape that makes terrifically fragrant, perfumed-yet-rich, fruity wines with crisp acidity.” The very best come from Salta’s super-high vineyards.


Argentina’s “wines exude panache, complexity and unbridled deliciousness” (The Wine Advocate). Here in Salta, you’ll find the world’s highest vineyards – some exceed 10,000 feet (grapes for Ascencion were grown at up to 2,500 feet). Bright sunlight and cool nighttime temperatures produce thick-skinned, intensely aromatic grapes, which translate to bigger aromas and flavors in your glass.


Torrontés is an uplifting glass served all on its own. It’s also great with Latin food – especially if seafood is involved. We’ve been enjoying it with shrimp ceviche. Vegetarian? Torrontés has a wonderfully crisp quality, which means it will go nicely with all manner of vegetable dishes. You could also try black bean dip with Queso Fresco (a mild, crumbly Mexican cheese).

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