Movie & Wine Pairing


Bette Davis Malbec 2018
Paso Robles, California

The Little Foxes (1941)

This bold Malbec deserves an equally brash partner. Nominated for an Academy Award, Bette Davis plays Regina Giddens in this classic melodrama that tells the story of a family scheming against itself in the turn-of-the-century South. Directed by William Wyler and written by Lillian Hellman, the film delivers on its promise of sharp dialogue and memorable drama. A true guilty pleasure.


What better way to recall the past, enjoy the present, and anticipate the perhaps than with a glass of smoldering Malbec under those Bette Davis eyes? Like the incomparable Miss Davis, Malbec traces its origins back to France. Once upon a time, this sultry grape was a minor player in Bordeaux, but today, Malbec is a sought-after star in California’s sunny Paso Robles region. Hailing from the stellar 2018 vintage, this sumptuous, dark-fruited exclusive is guaranteed to impress. No need to fasten your seatbelt; it’s going to be a smooth night.


Malbec was once more common in France’s Médoc than Cabernet. Today, at home in southwest France, it makes dark and very tannic reds (historically referred to as the ‘black wines’ of Cahors). In Argentina’s Andes, bright sunshine and high altitude ripen those tannins to perfection, and help make Argentine Malbec one of the ultimate steak wines. And now, in California, it’s found a new place to be great, as you’re about to taste.


GI_grapes_MalbecArgentinaPaso Robles is California’s most exciting region for full-flavor, top-value wines (Wine Spectator’s Tim Fish calls it “one of California’s most dynamic regions”). Its grapes were once sent north to Napa bulk up other (pricier!) wines. Today, thanks to a recent quality revolution, the fruit stays home. The region’s hot days, cool nights, and long growing season are ideal for cultivating diverse grapes.


steak_filetmignon_slicedWhile you can absolutely enjoy this velvety Malbec on its own, it will really shine with steak (Malbec’s classic match). Serve it with a juicy Porterhouse, strip steak with chimichurri sauce, or your favorite cut. It’ll be equally delicious with barbecue (from saucy pork ribs to grilled veggie kebabs) or roasted beef or pork. Vegetarians can try it with hearty stews or pasta dishes.

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