Movie & Wine Pairing


Black Saint Peter Old Vine Zinfandel 2017
Lodi, California

Nobody Lives Forever (1946)
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Bette Davis is in her elegant prime in these two films from 1942. While the humor of The Man Who Came to Dinner was a departure for Davis at the time – as was taking a supporting role – her turn in Now, Voyager is one of the great dramatic performances of her career. Savor this star’s panache along with a lovely and aromatic Torrontés, a complex and delicious grape.


This silky, full-flavored Zinfandel hails from Lodi, Wine Enthusiast’s 2015 Region of the Year and home to some of California’s greatest old-vine Zins. It sports a long history of acclaim, including 92 points from the New York International Wine Competition and a gold medal from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition for this 2017 release. Thanks to the excellent vintage, you’re in for extra-intense flavors. Think: super-ripe blackfruit flavors and warming, peppery spice notes.


According to figures from the USDA’s Statistics Service, Zinfandel is California’s second most-planted red wine grape (behind Cabernet Sauvignon) – yet it’s regarded by many as the state’s signature red. Originally from Croatia (where it was called Tribidrag), this wandering variety found its way to sunny Puglia in Italy (where they call it Primitivo), then later to the Golden State as Italians came seeking their fortunes. Regardless of locale or name, this grape is famous for being fruity and food-friendly.


VY_France_Midi_LanguedocThough vines have always grown wild in the region, serious grape cultivation started in this area of California during the mid-1800s. By 1900, a local newspaper declared that it was the region’s “growing industry.” During Prohibition, the demand for Lodi grapes actually rose. Today, Lodi declares itself “Home of the Zin” and holds a large, well-attended annual festival celebrating all things Zinfandel.


VY_Argentina_Zuccardi_Parral 1With its dark fruit flavors and hints of cracked black pepper (classic Zinfandel hallmarks), Black Saint Peter is especially delicious served with rich stews and Italian dishes – from simple, spicy tomato-sauced pasta to veal Parm. It’s also the perfect red for barbecue ribs, pulled pork, steak kebabs, or burgers. Alternatively, it’s definitely smooth enough to enjoy solo.

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