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Blazing Star Chardonnay 2017
Paso Robles, California

My Fair Lady (1964)
SUNDAY, AUGUST 18 @ 05:00 PM (ET)

Mentzella lindleyi, also known as blazing star, is a bright yellow wildflower typically found in the scrub but also at home in a charming bouquet. Ideally suited for this bright and robust Chardonnay, it captures the spirit of flower girl, Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn), centerpiece of this classic musical, who shines brightly regardless of company or surrounding.


During his long career, 20th-century artist Ernest Clayton painted over 200 watercolors of wildflowers gathered in the countryside around his Northern California home. Inspired by the gorgeous Blazing Star painting on the label, this luscious Chardonnay is as fresh and intricate as Clayton’s work. From the premium Paso Robles region and the stellar 2017 vintage, it overflows with golden apple, ripe pear, and expressive floral characters. Perfect for chicken, seafood, and more flavorful dishes.


Wine enthusiasts and winemakers alike adore Chardonnay for its attractive, mouthfilling flavors and ability to grow well in a range of climates. It performs most majestically (and expensively) in the vineyards of Chablis and Côte d’Or in France’s storied Burgundy region, but it also thrives in California. Depending on the site (and the ambitions of the winemaker), it can be rich and buttery or refreshing and citrusy. Blazing Star combines delicious elements of both styles.


GI_grapes_chard_JvineyardsPaso Robles is California’s most exciting region for full-flavor, top-value wines (Wine Spectator’s Tim Fish calls it “one of California’s most dynamic regions”). Its grapes were once sent north to Napa to bulk up other (pricier!) wines. Today, thanks to a recent quality revolution, the fruit stays home. The region’s hot days, cool nights, and long growing season are ideal for cultivating red and white grapes.


chkn_friedsteak_picnicThis luscious California Chardonnay will delight alongside a variety of foods. Serve it with white meats – herbed pork chops, oven-roasted turkey, or even fried chicken will all be delicious. You could also try Blazing Star with seafood (we love baked tilapia with a squeeze of lemon juice) or creamy cheeses like Brie. And, of course, it will be lovely all on its own.

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