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Bob Hope Sauvignon Blanc 2018
Edna Valley, California

Road to Morocco (1942)
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The third of the “Road” pictures starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour is considered the best of the series. It tells the story of two con artists who are marooned in the Arabian desert after a shipwreck and end up in a romantic rivalry over a beautiful princess. In actuality, the film is a parody of other, more serious adventure films of the time and its joys are in the two male leads’ comic feud. Though the movie has drawn criticism for its stereotypical depiction of the Middle East, its central acting team has rarely been better.


Actor, comedian, golfer, patriot, humanitarian ... Bob Hope was a true American icon. Starting with 1940’s Road to Singapore, the much-loved “Road” movies saw him cast alongside Bing Crosby, competing for the affections of Dorothy Lamour. Sauvignon Blanc – a versatile performer in its own right – is the perfect grape with which to pay tribute. From California’s cool Edna Valley and the fantastic 2018 vintage, this exhilarating exclusive bursts with super-fresh, citrus- and tropical-fruit flavors.


Taking off in popularity in the last 30 years, Sauvignon Blanc has traveled a long way from its spiritual home in France’s Loire Valley. Most notably, it’s taken on new life in Marlborough, New Zealand (where it’s famous for intensely concentrated, grassy/citrus flavors) and in California (where it develops vibrant, tropical-fruit notes). It’s often favored as a crisper, more refreshing alternative to rich, oaky Chardonnays, and can offer more zippy, exhilarating character than Pinot Grigio.


GI_grapes_white_onvine_sunMost valleys run north to south. But the chilly Edna Valley, which sits 5.4 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, runs east to west. This rare configuration helps funnel cooling ocean breezes into the valley’s vineyards. The shifting air also brings frequent fog and provides a natural cooling system, keeping temperatures unusually low – the perfect climate for growing world-class Sauvignon Blanc.


sal_CobbSaladWhen we say versatile, we mean it. This Sauvignon Blanc makes a refreshing aperitif or a delicious match for food. Try it with creamy goat cheese (the classic match). It’ll also shine alongside crudités, hummus and crackers, or crisp salads like Cobb, Caesar, or a Waldorf chicken salad. You could also enjoy it with fresh seafood dishes or grilled chicken or pork.

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