Movie & Wine Pairing


Borgo di Marte Appassimento 2016
Puglia IGT, Italy

Touch of Evil (1958)
THURSDAY MAY, 31 2018 AT 08:00 PM

Orson Welles’ celebrated film noir is a stylish masterpiece – and one that almost never got made. Charlton Heston stars as a Mexican drug enforcement official who gets drawn into the shady dealings of an American police captain (played by Welles himself). But the movie is much more than the sum of its parts, just like this southern Italian beauty, rich in black fruit notes, wild herbs, and spice.


Fans of northern Italy’s famous Amarone style (or any sumptuous, velvety reds) are in for a real treat with this rich beauty. From sunny Puglia and the renowned Botter family (winemakers since 1928), Borgo di Marte is a luscious marriage of Negroamaro (65%), Merlot (25%), and Primitivo (15%), all grown during the fantastic 2016 vintage. It was crafted in the appassimento method, which means the grapes were air dried before pressing, allowing each one to turn into a knot of intensely concentrated flavor. The previous vintage won FOUR coveted gold medals, and we expect more of the same from the spicy, black-fruited 2016 release.


Borgo di Marte means ‘village of Mars,’ and is a nod to the many traditional trulli houses (shown below) in Puglia’s Alberobello village. These dry-walled, limestone huts have pointed roofs decorated with ancient symbols appertaining to the Roman gods – and Mars, the god of war, is the most common here. Fun fact: the trulli of Alberobello are also a UNESCO world heritage site.


GI_Italy_Puglia_TruliWith plentiful sunshine and wellestablished plantings of indigenous grapes, Puglia was well-placed for the winemaking revolution that’s occurred here in the last few years. Critics have also been taking notice: “Puglia, the southerly heel of Italy’s boot, excels at producing affordable yet distinct quality wines from its three signature red grapes: Uva di Troia, Primitivo, and Negroamaro” (Wine Spectator)


pork_porchettaWith its intense, black-fruit flavor and velvety, weighty texture, Borgo di Marte can stand up to several full-flavored dishes. We recommend it with juicy porchetta (boneless pork roast), spicy sausages, or meaty pastas. It’ll also be tasty alongside hearty stews (with or without meat) or firm, aged cheeses. And, for fans of big reds, this is definitely smooth enough to sip solo.

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