Movie & Wine Pairing


Ca’ Vescovo Pinot Grigio 2017
Venezie DOC, Italy

High Society (1956)
FRIDAY, APRIL 26 @ 08:00 PM (ET)

What better to pair this classic, refreshing Pinot Grigio with than High Society? The film’s love triangle of a divorced socialite (Grace Kelly), her ex-husband (Bing Crosby), and a tabloid reporter (Frank Sinatra) who converge on her Newport wedding matches up perfectly with this wine’s hint of nuttiness. This gorgeous Technicolor remake of The Philadelphia Story – with music by Cole Porter – makes the perfect pairing for a wine of vibrant fruit notes and a tangy finish.


There are few more refreshing whites than Pinot Grigio. Northern Italy is its heartland, and this fresh favorite hails from a family estate (shown on the label) that was previously home to a Benedictine nunnery and the ‘Baron Economo’ of Trieste. Long, sunny days and cooling sea breezes ensure the grapes are packed with crisp, ripe flavors. Get ready for vibrant lemon and apple notes, with a classic almond tang on the finish. Hand dinner party guests a glass and start the evening off right!


While it’s grown all over the globe, Pinot Grigio’s spiritual home is northern Italy. Here, it produces lightto medium-bodied wines with crisp citrus and orchard fruit flavors, often with a hint of nuttiness. In Alsace, it is known as Pinot Gris, and is made in a fuller-bodied style that suits the rich foods locals enjoy. Many New World regions are now experimenting with the variety – here in the U.S., Oregon, Washington, and even some parts of California produce delicious versions of both styles.


VY_IT_NorthernItaly_MtnsItaly’s top Pinot Grigios are acknowledged as world-class wines. For the best, head to cool-climate havens like Venezie, where the locals describe their pristine, mountain-ringed vineyards as aria condizionata (‘air conditioned’). In this spectacular northeastern corner, the Alps and the Adriatic Sea create ideal conditions for producing vibrant, zingy whites.


shell_calamari_friedThis classic Pinot Grigio is full of naturally racy flavors. With a bright-fruited character and crisp mineral structure, it’s a great way to welcome guests. Or pair with a wide range of food. Whether you serve Ca’ Vescovo alongside crudités, linguine (with cream and parmesan), or grilled calamari (our favorite match), it’s sure to be a serious crowd-pleaser.

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