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Cabalié 2014
Pays d’Oc IGP, France

The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
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Two of the biggest stars at Warner Bros. in the 1930s, Errol Flynn and Bette Davis, share the screen in a historical romance that matches the ripe intensity of this pedigreed red. With her usual panache, Davis brings to life Elizabeth I during her turbulent affair with the Earl of Essex. The film's version of history isn't without its faults, but its drama – like the rich flavor of this opulent wine – is unmissable.


Boasting an impressive award pedigree – including two coveted gold medals for this 2014 – Cabalié is the wine to drink after a long day of empire building. From the talented Hervé Sabardeil, it’s made in the opulent style Roman soldiers enjoyed 2,000 years ago. With a wine heritage dating back to 2nd century BC, the village of Maury is home to some of France's oldest vines. In the cellar, Hervé adds a smooth twist: a splash of the village's powerful fortified Grenache (also called ‘Maury’). If you're so inclined, sip this emperor-style, out of a big, ornate goblet.


Hervé is a Parker-praised winemaker who uses his extensive knowledge of the local vineyards to select premium grapes from the best sites. Produced from old vines (which produce richer flavors in the glass), Sabardeil’s Grenache-based reds exhibit remarkable depth and complexity. And every year, they take top honors – this vintage of Cabalié won gold at the 2015 Concours des IGP de France and Gilbert & Gaillard.


A stone's throw away from both the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees mountains, the village of Maury is home to some of France's oldest vineyards (and most gnarled vines, as you can see here!). Two thousand years ago, local wine had pride of place in the cellars of wealthy Roman gourmets. Today, hot and arid Maury is still renowned for rich Grenache wines, fortified and otherwise.


The rich, warming and complex character of this Grenache-dominant blend makes it ideal for enjoying on a chilly night. In Maury, they’d pair it with hearty dishes like navarin (lamb stew with root vegetables), braised lamb shanks or cassoulet, southern France’s famous duck and lentil casserole. And of course, it’s also smooth and fruity enough to sip on its own.

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