Movie & Wine Pairing


Cabalié 2016
Vin de France

Trouble in Paradise (1932)

This complex white blend finds a great partner in this French-set romantic comedy about a pair of high-class jewel thieves and the beautiful woman they intend to rob. This gem of 1930s cinema epitomizes the “Lubitsch touch,” the signature wit and sophistication of its writer-director, and shows off the indelible charm of stars Miriam Hopkins, Herbert Marshall, and Kay Francis (and some wonderful Art Deco sets). You’ll find paradise in this unforgettable pairing.


Many customers associate the Cabalié name with Hervé Sabardeil’s turbo-charged southern French red, made in an opulent style that reputedly invigorated Roman centurions 2,000 years ago. Here, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the white version. The previous release won a gold medal from Gilbert & Gaillard, and we think the fresh 2016 vintage is every bit as delicious.

Like its red counterpart, Cabalié blanc offers imposing richness and easy-drinking smoothness. Recreating this rare duo in white was no easy task – to pull it off, Hervé spent years searching for the perfect fruit and testing blends to get the recipe right. He finally settled on the tasty triumvirate of Viognier (75%), Colombard (20%), and Muscat (5%) – Viognier for honeysuckle aroma and soft texture, Colombard for zesty crispness, and Muscat for fragrant floral notes. When it’s time to enjoy it, take Hervé’s drinking suggestion: “Swirl this classically inspired wine in large glasses and allow yourself to be transported to the rugged hillsides of my region.”


WM_HerveSabardiel_barebushvinesMuch like the original red version, Cabalié blanc is crafted with selected parcels of concentrated old-vine grapes from across the Languedoc. Here in France’s hot, deep south, the bright sunshine ripens the grapes to perfection, and cooling breezes from the nearby Mediterranean help prevent overripening. Hervé harvests the fruit at night (when it’s cooler) for maximum freshness.


asian_veggiepotBursting with ripe, round tropical, citrus, and stone fruit, Cabalié is tasty with nearly any seafood or chicken dish – from simple classics like roast chicken or pan-seared scallops, on through to fragrant Indian and southeast Asian fare. The aromas of a richly seasoned curry, for example, will really harmonize with the aromas in this wine.

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