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Café Zoetrope Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

The Conversation (1974)
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Francis Ford Coppola’s Café Zoetrope in San Francisco is the inspiration for this rich Cabernet Sauvignon from the Coppola Winery. A glass or two makes a great partner-in-crime to his 1974 film The Conversation, a tale of murder and mystery shot in the city by the bay and featuring a deeply compelling performance by star Gene Hackman.


You might know Academy Award winner Francis Ford Coppola for his films, but these days, he’s almost as famous for his world-class wines. Named for his Italian-inspired San Francisco eatery, Café Zoetrope Cabernet is a delicious example. It was made by Corey Beck, Coppola’s chief winemaker (and former Cabernet cellar master at Napa’s Château Montelena) with grapes from primesited Central Coast vineyards. Bursting with rich black fruit and spice (thanks to time in French oak barrels), it won a coveted San Francisco silver medal. “This is a wine we made with a big Italianstyle feast in mind,” says Corey – see over for our top pairings.


According to The Wine Advocate, the 2015 harvest “is a small crop of extremely high quality and continues the remarkable succession of exceptional vintages.” It was, in fact, the fourth in a string of superb years, and many of our winemaker friends say it may be the best of the lot. Steady, mild temperatures and minimal rainfall helped to produce rich, concentrated wines.


WM_Coppola_Corey-Beck-2013Oak-loving Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of the reds, loved for its deep-colored, black currant-rich wines. Most famously, it’s the variety that powers Bordeaux’s legendary First Growths; however, you’ll also find plenty of (more affordable) world-class examples around the globe. Fun fact: In Italy, Cab is prized for the depth and complexity it adds to native varieties like Sangiovese.


ital_spaghettimeatballsWineAt the actual Café Zoetrope, Corey’s tribute Cab may be served with spaghetti alla carbonara classico (made with guanciale, egg, ground black pepper, and Pecorino Romano) or spaghetti and meatballs made with beef, pork, and veal. At home, you could easily pair this versatile red with Italian-seasoned roast beef, lasagna, or even a meat-lovers pizza.

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