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Café Zoetrope Chardonnay 2016

I Vitelloni (1953)
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Despite its influence on a generation of filmmakers, I Vitelloni is one of Federico Fellini’s most underseen films. A coming-of-age drama set in the seaside town of Rimini, the film follows a group of young Italian men as they navigate adulthood. Enjoy the smooth and captivating notes of the popular Chardonnay grape while experiencing the film that inspired dozens of later classics.


From the Sonoma estate of Academy Award winner (and long-time wine buff) Francis Ford Coppola comes this excellentvintage California Chardonnay. Crafted by Corey Beck, Café Zoetrope is an eponymous homage to Coppola’s Italian-inspired San Francisco eatery. Corey used his connections to source premium parcels from top sites throughout California. You’ll enjoy ripe, tropical fruit aromas and flavors, underpinned by honeyed, nutty notes. The buttery, creamy palate makes this the perfect match for roasted or grilled white meats or seafood pastas.


For many winemakers, Chardonnay is the ultimate blank canvas. Some pick it early and don’t show it oak; others let it hang on the vine for as long as possible (drawing out its ripe, tropical fruit character). Many treat it to new oak barrels for full, toasty vanilla flavors – some leave it unoaked and pure. Burgundy is home to Chardonnay icons like elegant, steely Chablis and creamy Meursault. Napa and Sonoma are the best spots in California.


VY_California_sunriseCalifornia is on a real hot streak, and 2016 was no exception. Top critic Robert Parker reports that the Golden State has had “unprecedented and historic succession of great years, such as 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. It now appears 2016 will end up equally impressive. Talk about an ‘embarrassment of riches.’ ... Nearly every vigneron and vintner I talked to was thrilled with what 2016 has produced.”


ital_linguini_chicken_alfredoAt the actual Café Zoetrope, Corey’s Chardonnay may be served with Italian-style dishes like linguine alle vongole (pasta topped with fresh clams, parsley, and red pepper flakes) or white pizza. It will also be delicious with white meats. Try sage-rubbed grilled pork tenderloin or roasted chicken with garlic and herbs. It’s equally delightful with soft, creamy cheeses, or when sipped solo.

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