Movie & Wine Pairing


Castello di Spessa Friulano 2012
Friuli Isonzo DOC, Italy

The Love Parade (1929)
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Pair this versatile wine with a versatile filmmaker. Ernst Lubitsch was one of the first European directors to find great success in Hollywood, arriving in the early 1920s. Crossing into the sound era with ease, his innovative musical The Love Parade (1929) shows all of the subtlety and sophistication that define the "Lubitsch touch". Share a glass of this refined Friulano with someone you love — and the debonair Maurice Chevalier.


Friulano is the grape behind some of Italy's most expensive whites. Intensely aromatic and beautifully textured, its highly prized wines rarely leave the region (most go to top local restaurants). That's why we're so excited to bring you this limitededition discovery. It hails from ancient Castello di Spessa, which is perched high in the hills of Friuli, and was a favorite retreat of Casanova. But discretion is built into the fabric here, which could be why its one white has been the preserve of privileged locals and diners in nearby Venice.


houseAcclaimed winemaker Alessandro Gallici introduced us to the estate, whose wines had never been seen abroad. Castello di Spessa (left) dates from the 13th century and was the residence of Friulian aristocracy. Among its many infamous guests was Giacomo Casanova, who in 1773 wrote that the wines were "excellent." Bought by the Pali family in 1987, it's now run as a luxury hotel and wine resort.


Aria Condizionata ('air conditioned') is how locals describe the pristine, mountain-ringed vineyards of Friuli. High in this spectacular corner of the country, steeply sloped vineyards enjoy long hours of sun and cooling breezes from the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, perfect for sealing in freshness. These are ideal conditions for refined whites like Friulano to flourish. Formerly called Tocai Friulano, it has floral aromas, and a pronounced almond note.


meatThis elegant Friulano's food-friendly acidity and texture make it a versatile wine – as well as a very satisfying aperitif. Try pairing it with Italian antipasti platters, fish or chicken. Its classic partner, Prosciutto San Daniele, is a perfect study in why opposites can attract: the ham's saltiness is cleansed by the wine's fresh green apple and savory mineral flavors.

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