by Paullette Gaudet

Celebrate Rio_blogThe Summer Olympics are finally here!!! THESE are the good games, where you can actually see the athletes’ faces and bodies in all of their exquisitely-toned glory, not the disappointing Winter games, where all of the participants look like Deadpool. In honor of the many years of training these athletes have endured to arrive in Rio, we recommend stepping up your drinking game to Olympic levels by requiring your viewing guests to wear swimsuits (oh, come on: it’s August), and taking a sip whenever an Olympic commentator shouts “That’s gotta hurt!” or there’s a grimace from a coach, or a compatriot falls behind the rest of the pack. Two seconds shy in a swim meet? Two sips! Four seconds behind in a relay race? Four sips! The incentive for those guests whose favored Olympians have prevailed to Gold? A glass (or bottle) of rare Brazilian wine such as Tennat, Ancellotta, or Touriga Nacional.  

Tannat is the grape that put Uruguay on the map, but it also grows well in Brazil. Its intense color and black fruit aromas are often used to enhance blends with other varieties, but it is powerful on its own. Ancellotta establishes an Italian influence to various blends, while alone it provides the aroma of black fruits like plum and blackberry. Touriga Nacional represents a Portuguese influence that exhibits a good flexibility with blends, while also showing a strong aroma and flavor on its own. Sip Brazilian during these 2016 Summer games if you can, and toast each Olympic athlete’s success!