Movie & Wine Pairing


Château Le Coin Sauvignon Gris 2018
Bordeaux AOC, France

The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

In this comedy-fantasy set during the Great Depression, Mia Farrow’s wistful character Cecilia unites with her favorite film hero (played by Jeff Daniels), who literally walks out of the movie and into her life. Woody Allen’s film is an ode to our cinematic heroes and to the dream factory that lets us escape into exciting new worlds. Enjoy the humor and magic with a special treat: a glass of this unique Sauvignon Gris, a rare standalone grape from legendary Bordeaux.


Jean-Marc Sauboua’s rare Sauvignon Gris has quite the tally of awards under its belt. The inaugural release debuted to the coveted Prix d’Excellence at Vinalies Nationales, while the 2017 edition won three gold medals, including one from Gilbert & Gaillard. Judges raved: “Very aromatic and pleasant ... The palate is seduced by the freshness and purity of flavors, with the addition of a very attractive tautness. Top class.” The vibrant 2018 arrives with two of its own gold medals, courtesy of the China Wine & Spirits Best Value Awards and the Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition.


Wine-writing legend Hugh Johnson tasted JeanMarc’s inaugural Sauvignon Gris and declared: “If you like Sauvignon Blanc but find its nettley, gooseberry-up-your-noseness too much, then the pink-skinned version called Sauvignon Gris is for you ... [this one’s] bloody marvelous.” And since it’s pretty rare to see Sauvignon Gris bottled on its own (if you see it at all), Le Coin is an extra-special treat for your dinner guests.


WM_JeanMarcSauboua_whiteglass‘Bordeaux’ is a derivative of au bord de l’eau meaning ‘along the waters’ – and it’s no coincidence that the best vineyards are those nearest to the Gironde, Dordogne, or Garonne Rivers. With so much attention paid to the region’s famous reds, it’s easy to forget that world-class whites are also made here. Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, and Muscadelle are the main varieties – while Sauvignon Gris is most


chee_softassortmentwhtwineglsWith its similarly crisp flavors, Le Coin would be a great match with any traditional Sauvignon Blanc pairing. Shellfish (we like oysters), smoked mussels and salmon with capers, or classic goat cheese are all tasty choices. Feel free to experiment with different cheeses though – creamy, soft-rind cheeses like Brie and Camembert or smoked Gouda will also work.

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