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Cinéaste 2015
Vin de France

Breathless (1960)
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Like this unique white blend, Jean-Luc Godard’s first film was both a rule-breaker and a paean to classic Hollywood. With a violent jolt – and an air of youthful joie de vivre – it not only kicked off a national film movement but also influenced the entire filmmaking world with its boldness of vision. Enjoy a glass of this aromatic white and be captivated by the young filmmakers of the French New Wave all over again.


The nouvelle vague (New Wave) of French film dazzled moviegoers in the 1950s and ’60s – and continues to inspire today’s titans of cinema like Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese. It’s also the impetus behind this glamorous new white. And the “director” calling the shots in the cellar was none other than the critically acclaimed Hervé Sabardiel, below. He expertly wove together the character of three star grapes (see below) and, not wanting to upstage Cinéaste’s ripe-fruited intensity, he left it unoaked. It’s a perfect match for a whole cast of dinner options …


Viognier is the unsung hero of the chilly northern Rhône (where winemakers actually add it to their dark Syrahs for an aromatic lift) – but it also loves the warm sunshine of the Languedoc. Hervé singled it out for Cinéaste because of its honeysuckle charm and the opulent texture it gives the wine. Muscat Blanc lends a sweet and heady floral note and a dash of Colombard keeps things zesty and crisp.


Hervé sought out top-notch parcels of old-vine grapes from across the Languedoc. These gnarled, aging beauties yield a small amount of grapes, but their flavors are rich and concentrated. The heat and bright sunshine ripens the fruit perfectly and cooling breezes from the nearby Mediterranean help keep the wine juicy. For maximum freshness, the grapes are even harvested in the cool of night.


A full-bodied white like Cinéaste calls for an equally rich dish. Chicken Kiev with a homemade herb butter is a nice choice, along with Parmesan-crusted pork chops. Fragrant Indian and southeast Asian fare – vegetarian or otherwise – will work too, but be careful to avoid super-hot spices which will overwhelm the wine. Try a richly seasoned mild curry.

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