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Cleopatra 2014

Cleopatra (1963)
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The 1917 version of Cleopatra with silent star Theda Bara now only exists in fragments, but her alluring spirit lives on in performances by Claudette Colbert and Elizabeth Taylor. These epic films are two of Hollywood’s most stunning spectacles, produced with huge budgets, the top talent, and every resource available. Enjoy them with this unique wine that combines nine different varietals into one captivating red blend.


Inspired by the legendary allure of the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra’s namesake red showcases the bounty of California’s stellar 2014 vintage. It’s a bramble- and spice-packed blend of Zinfandel and Pinot Noir, masterfully blended with California rarities like Mourvèdre, Alicante Bouschet and Barbera and more. Winemaker Rob McNeill, of Sonoma’s famed Don Sebastiani & Sons, gave this tempting potion further intrigue with a little oak aging. As you’ll discover, there’s (still) no resisting Cleopatra.


When Tuscan immigrant Samuele Sebastiani began selling wine back in 1904, it was out of the back of a horsedrawn wagon – the same one he used by day to haul quarried Sonoma rock, his first job in the States. He’d been saving for nearly 10 years to follow his dream and make wine as his parents did back home. Not only was he successful, he leveraged his enterprising skills to become one of the founders of the Sonoma we know today – and the Sebastiani name is now an American wine icon.


regionAs a category in the U.S., sumptuous red blends like Cleopatra are extremely popular – and they’re still on the rise. But it’s by no means a new trend. For centuries, winemakers in Old World regions like Bordeaux, Rioja and Tuscany have known that melding different grapes together can result in a wine of greater complexity and finesse. It’s a great way to enjoy the best of many grapes, not just one.


As you might expect, Cleopatra is the perfect partner for a sumptuous feast – think fine cuts of beef filet, grilled pork tenderloin or rack of lamb. Is it Italian night? The wine will work great with sausage lasagna, cheesy pasta bakes or even a plate of antipasti. And thanks to the invitingly silky texture and fruit-forward flavor profile, it’s a red that’s also very tasty sipped solo.

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