Movie & Wine Pairing


Corsiero Nero 2016
Puglia IGT, Italy

Z (1969)

Director Costa-Gavras’ international sensation is a Mediterranean-set political thriller, perfect for a rich red wine from southern Italy. Z is a loosely-veiled dramatization of political assassination, popular protests, and government corruption that had occurred in Greece only a few years prior. To match the sensational material, the film takes the form of a tightly-paced thriller – earning an Oscar for its expert film editing. Enjoy it with this powerfully flavored wine that has seen its own share of critical acclaim.


Mario Ercolino’s super-rich Puglian red (whose name is Italian for ‘black charger’) is made with the inky-dark Nero di Troia grape. Delivering mouthfuls of blackberry and smoky vanilla, it also sports a history of international acclaim. The rich, satisfying 2016 release continues the tradition with a 94-point score from Luca Maroni, Italy’s No. 1 critic. Aged three months in French oak barrels to bring out attractive, toasty-spice flavors, Corsiero Nero 2016 is a glass-staining red that is guaranteed to impress guests.


Also called Uva di Troia, Nero di Troia is one of the oldest-known grape varieties in Puglia, characterized by firm tannins and a rich, fruity core. Its name is in reference to the Puglian village of Troia, founded by the Greek warrior Diomedes after he sacked Troy. “I’ve been making wine in southern Italy for many years, but when I found this plot of vines, I knew I was onto something special,” says Mario (pictured below). The results in the bottle are just as terrific, as you’ll taste.


WM_MarioErcolino3“Puglia is one of Italy’s prime newwave wine sources, delivering terrific value for money” (The Times). With plentiful sun, miserly ancient vines (both big boosters of flavor), and exciting native grapes, this southern region was well-placed for the wine revolution that’s occurred here recently. And it’s quality-obsessed winemakers like Mario that have helped to boost Puglia’s international reputation.


lamb_Kofte_meatkebabsServe Corsiero Nero with rich, flavorsome dishes, such as slow-cooked stews and roasted meats. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not try a meal that pays homage to Nero di Troia’s eastern Mediterranean connections. We like moussaka (a Greek dish with baked eggplant) or spicy, grilled lamb kofte (kebabshaped meatballs popular in Turkey).

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