Movie & Wine Pairing


Crab & Sole Pinot Blanc 2017
Mendocino County, California

The Woman on the Beach (1947)
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Directed by Jean Renoir, this often overlooked noir melodrama stars Joan Bennett and Robert Ryan. Noted for its moody beauty, the movie captures the deft touch of its renowned auteur (even with RKO’s deep cuts to the film). The vibrancy of the Pinot Blanc heightens the viewing experience by adding a layer of energy, which plays against the film’s inherent tension.


While dining at one of her favorite seafood restaurants in San Francisco, our California expert, Clare, was inspired to find the perfect white for you to serve with seafood feasts at home. She searched up and down the coast, until she discovered this vibrant Pinot Blanc. From premium Mendocino County and the superb 2017 vintage, it offers a creamy texture, subtle citrus-fruit flavors, and fresh acidity – all of which make this ideal for seafood. Clare convinced the estate to give her an exclusive deal on the lot (and to name the wine Crab & Sole in honor of its seafood-ready character), so you’re one of a select few to enjoy it. Cheers!


Pinot Blanc is a rare, white mutation within the Pinot family that produces wines with vibrant acidity and ripe, citrusfruit flavors. Highly prized in the Burgundy and Alsace regions, it can yield wines that sell for upwards of $100 a bottle. Outside of France, Pinot Blanc vines are scarce, but in the United States, you’ll find them in California and the North Fork of Long Island in New York.


GI_grapes_white_onvine_sunNestled in on California’s North Coast, Mendocino is about two hours north of Napa. It’s “just the place for those who like to venture off the path” (Wine Spectator). This bucolic haven for qualityconscious, family-owned vineyards is well-worth the road trip if you’re ever in the area. Not only is it a scenic drive, but your destination is home to seriously delicious values, like this exhilarating Pinot Blanc.


shell_crab_lobster_shrimpAlma Andina is uplifting on its own and also great with Latin food – especially if seafood is involved. Steve’s favorite match is a mouthwatering ceviche. Need a vegetarian option? Torrontés has a wonderfully crisp quality, which means it will go nicely with all manner of vegetable dishes. We tried (and loved) black bean dip with queso fresco.

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