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Danny Kaye ‘The Court Jester’ Petit Verdot 2016

The Court Jester (1956)
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Charismatic entertainer Danny Kaye is at the top of his game in this medieval-set parody, alongside a stellar supporting cast that includes Angela Lansbury, Basil Rathbone, and Glynis Johns. While it didn’t light the box office on fire in 1956, The Court Jester has come to be revered as one of the finest comedies of its era – thanks in large part to Kaye’s bigger-than-life charm and physical performance.


Danny Kaye’s comedic classic, The Court Jester, was a somewhat late bloomer. Released to moderate success, it slowly gained a following to become one of the most respected comedies of its era. The same can be said for Petit Verdot. Historically reserved for blending with other grapes, this inky-dark charmer is finally emerging onto the mainstream wine scene with world-class, single-varietal bottles. Hailing from California’s stellar 2016 vintage, this gorgeous example shows off everything that’s great about Petit Verdot: rich color, structured tannins, and bold, dark-fruit flavors.


One of Bordeaux’s classic black grapes, Petit Verdot has been (unfairly) overshadowed by its famous co-stars, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The grape’s thick skin helps protect it from vineyard maladies and imparts deep color, great structure, and firm tannins to the wines. These qualities make Petit Verdot an ideal grape to blend into other wines. It’s rare to find Petit Verdot bottled on its own, but as you’ll taste, it creates a full-bodied, complex red.


GI_grapes_redgrapeoldvineCalifornia is on a real hot streak, and the 2016 vintage was no exception. Robert Parker says the Golden State’s had an “unprecedented and historic succession of great years, such as 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. It now appears 2016 will end up equally impressive. Talk about an ‘embarrassment of riches.’ ... Nearly every vigneron and vintner I talked to was thrilled with what 2016 has produced.”


bbq_braisedbeefshortribsThis bold, full-bodied Petit Verdot can stand up to equally flavorful dishes. Its deep, dark-fruit flavors make it the ultimate co-star for barbecue classics like juicy steaks, saucy pork ribs, grilled vegetable kebabs, or gourmet burgers. You can also serve this alongside hearty stews, chilis, and casseroles, made with or without meat. Fans of BIG reds will also enjoy sipping it on its own.

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