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Dark Corner Durif Shiraz 2019
South Eastern Australia

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
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The most iconic of 1950s science-fiction films, Robert Wise’s tale of a visiting alien who asks Earth’s leaders to choose between war and peace has been wowing audiences for generations. Like this crowd-pleasing Australian red, its story contains surprising depths, and it serves as an apt metaphor for world affairs during the Cold War era. Pour yourself a glass and ponder the meaning of “Klaatu barada nikto.”


From the cellars that brought you our most popular Australian red, The Black Stump, emerges this remarkable DurifShiraz. Whether you’re a fan of ‘The Stump,’ or just a lover of intense, ripened-to-juicy-perfection reds, this fan favorite is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. It’s the pride-and-joy creation of David Joeky, apprentice to Black Stump mastermind, Alan Kennett. An inky-black marriage of Durif (60%) and Shiraz (40%), Dark Corner delivers luscious, ripe berry flavor, with a mocha-laced finish.


Determined to prove that his winemaking chops are just as sharp as Alan’s, David crafted this bold red in secret (and after hours). The dimly lit part of the cellar where David perfected his mega-rich cuvée, as well as the deep color of the wine, inspired the name: Dark Corner. And it’s stepped into the light in a big way. Previous vintages have earned a slew of high ratings – including 93 points from top critic Sam Kim (who’s called Dark Corner “very tasty and satisfying”) and multiple international gold medals.


GI_grapes_shirazSouthAustraliaFamed for its power, structure, and mocha-tinged, black-fruit character, Durif is “the grape that takes no prisoners” (Tim Atkin, MW). Known as Syrah in France, peppery, berry-packed Shiraz takes on a richer, sun-drenched character in Australia. As Alan says, when you blend Durif with Shiraz “magical things happen.” Together, they turbo-charge each other to make an irresistible style.


burg_cheeseandfriesFor lovers of powerhouse reds, Dark Corner will be smooth enough to sip solo. However, it really comes into its own alongside juicy red meats. Try braised beef short ribs, roast rack of lamb, grilled bison burgers, or your favorite cut of steak. Other delicious pairings include hearty pasta dishes (with or without meat), vegetable-packed stews, or firm, aged cheeses.

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