by Paullette Gaudet

DIY Cork Bookmark_blogWine corks often seem far too beautiful—or potentially re-useable—to simply discard, yet even the most sentiment-heavy of these all-natural bottle stoppers are rarely kept long enough for inspiration to fully strike. One thoughtful way to repurpose these memento vinos is as cork bookmarks:

  • Insert a screw eye into one end of a wine cork (you can also attach a small spring clip or tiny key chain ring to the screw eye, or just leave as-is).
  • Thread the screw eye (or spring clip) with sturdy, sumptuously-sheened thread, then string an inch or so’s worth of different colored and sized jewelry beads and metallic tokens.
  • Create a substantial thread knot under the last bead or token, using this to anchor the addition of two more strands of thread to the primary string by simply twisting the three strands together (and using a little glue, as needed).
  • Allow 12-13 inches for this plain segment of the bookmark, then end with an inch or so of beads and tokens to tie it off, leaving a little fringe.
  • The bookmark’s total length should be 13-15 inches, depending on how decorative you wish your cork top and beaded bottom to be.

A homemade bookmark from a beloved bottle’s cork is indeed a thoughtful gift, but it will definitely present as far more generous when paired with an equally thoughtful book: a solid choice for the devoted wine-lover is The Diary of Samuel Pepys, wherein man-about-town Pepys recounts his adventures with work, women and wine circa 1660’s London—Cambridge University recently celebrated the 350th anniversary of Pepys’s April 10, 1663 mention of Chateau Haut-Brion in his Diary, one of the first mentions of that wine in literature (bested only by a 1660 reference in a cellar book of King Charles II).