Movie & Wine Pairing



Domaine de la Colline 2014
Touraine AOC, France

On the Town (1949)
SUNDAY, JULY 2 @ 04:00 PM
FRIDAY, JULY 28 @ 07:45 AM

Match a pure example of Sauvignon Blanc with a pure example of Technicolor musicals at their finest. On the Town is true to its name: it features several of MGM’s biggest musical stars (headlined by Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra) singing and dancing on location in postwar New York City. This delightful bottle, with its citrus and fresh grass notes, is a fitting accompaniment to an invigorating film.


This pure Sauvignon Blanc comes from the Colin family, who have been sought-after growers in the Loire Valley for four generations. Our man on the ground, Mark Hoddy, is good friends with their winemaker, Raphaël Boileau, which means he got you an excellent deal on this exciting 2014 release (the follow-up to the internationally acclaimed 2013). Raphaël has a particularly deft touch with Sauvignon, as you’ll taste here. He gently pressed, then cool-fermented the grapes, techniques that capture the grape’s trademark zingy minerality. Take a sip and tell us what you think!


The Loire Valley is Sauvignon Blanc’s spiritual home, where it makes lively wines packed with lemon, mineral and fresh-cut grass characteristics. Since the 1980s though, New Zealand’s tropical-fruited, super-intense style has taken the world by storm as an equally delicious alternative. While Sauvignon Blanc is best known for its dry wines, but it can also make world-class sweet wines – the most famous of which is Bordeaux’s Sauternes.


Touraine offers a wide range of whites (and some delicious reds too), but it is perhaps most famous for its Sauvignon Blanc. The finest can challenge the far more famous and considerably more expensive Sauvignons of Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé in the eastern Loire. Though Touraine’s wines are often slightly zestier, it can be hard to tell them apart (unless you look at the price tag).


Serve this extremely refreshing white as a welcome to thirsty dinner guests as they walk in the door. It’ll pair well with hors d’oeuvres or main courses involving grilled fish, shellfish, oysters or moules marinières (marinated mussels). Prefer no seafood? Serve pork tenderloin with a garlic/herb cream sauce. It’s also excellent with Sauvignon Blanc’s classic match, goat cheese.

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