by Sarah Shotwell

June is Rosé Month_blogRosé is making a splash this June in tasting rooms all over the west coast! And it’s no surprise: with so many different styles, shades, and food pairing options, Rosé is as versatile as that favorite little black (sun) dress. However, Rosé hasn’t always had such a stellar reputation stateside. Back in the 80s, cheap, cloyingly sweet or watery types (hello, white zin!) ruined American public perception of pink wine. But in the last few years, Rosé (the good kind, long celebrated in Europe as the compulsory accompaniment to summertime living) has made a screaming comeback, showing up on wine lists across the continent. We’re so relieved!

If you or a friend needs to get over your fear of pink wine, you may wish to start with a dry bottle of a high quality Saignée made from Grenache or Syrah, or a Vin Gris made with Pinot Noir. Lush, complex and light to medium-bodied, these wines offer a flavorful alternative to summer whites and are a must-have for any hot weather barbecue.

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