Mar16, 2016

Wine Cork Recycling

March 16th, 2016|0 Comments

by Paullette Gaudet

Wine Cork Recylcing_blogsizeCorkscrew Karma: After all of the corks are popped on a good night of wine-drinking, hit PAUSE before tossing them into the trashcan—instead, consider donating them to one of the eco-conscious, nation-wide wine cork recycling companies that have, um…popped up recently.

How it works: Donated corks are gathered at designated collection sites and then transported to participating locations where they are ground up to be used for other products (not, however, new wine [...]

Oct20, 2015

Decanter? I Hardly Know Her! Why Decanting Wine Is Worth A Try

October 20th, 2015|0 Comments

wine-decanterThe question of whether or not to decant a bottle of wine isn’t one that comes up often these days. The very sight of a decanter can seem quaintly Old World: a once-useful but now slightly-fussy artifact akin to a Russian samovar. Indeed, the greatest reason for decanting is to separate a wine’s heavy, often bitter sediment from its liquid, a more pressing concern with older reds. This mode of decantation demands a steady, artful hand to horizontally angle the bottle just enough to get the liquid out while leaving the chunky bits in. But, honestly: if you’re drinking the kinds of vintage that require this feat, you can just get your butler to do it.


Oct15, 2015

Open Wine like a Pro

October 15th, 2015|0 Comments

Here's a fun and easy tip you can use every time you open a bottle of wine.

Using your corkscrew, slowly work the cork out until you have just the last bit of cork still left in the bottle.



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