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Flor de San Martín Garnacha Blanca 2018
Navarra DO, Spain

Laura (1944)
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 @ 08:00 PM (ET)

This wine’s inviting floral aromas and intriguing minerality work nicely with the beautiful Gene Tierney as the central focus of Otto Preminger’s essential film noir. Adapted from Vera Caspary’s suspense novel of the same name, the film opens with the murder of the title character, who seems to have cast a spell over everyone she met – and even a few she hadn’t, like the no-nonsense detective played by Dana Andrews. Just as entrancing is composer David Raskin’s haunting main theme, one of the most beloved pieces of movie music in history.


The remote village of San Martín de Unx in Spain’s Navarra region may be way off the beaten track for some, but not for our expert, Beth Willard. It’s where she stumbled across one of Spain’s priceless treasures – gnarled, old Garnacha Blanca vines. Carefully tended by Gonzalo Celayeta of Bodegas San Martín (est. 1914), these low-yielding plants struggle to survive in the rugged terrain, and the precious few grapes they produce must be hand harvested. These conditions translate to a painstakingly crafted white with inviting floral aromas and vibrant, citrus-fruit notes.


Grenache Blanc is the white-berried cousin of Grenache Noir. It’s a key grape in southern France, particularly in Roussillon, where it makes fuller-bodied whites in a range of styles (the finest are matured in oak and are quite pricey). Its supple fruit character also makes it a prized component in white Rhône blends. Called Garnacha Blanca in Spain, it flourishes the northeast, with top bottlings (like this) boasting crisp texture and super-fresh flavors.


VY_Spain_NavarrraNavarra is the land of running bulls and the immortal setting of Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. Geographically, it’s in an exciting wine alley: the famous Rioja region is to the southwest, while France and the Pyrenees are to the northeast. Many fine reds, whites, and even rosé are made here. And in 2018, Navarra’s great vintage conditions let the grapes grow even richer than normal.


latin_cevicheWith its vibrant citrus peel notes, Flor de San Martín is made for food seasoned with a squeeze of lemon or lime. Enjoy it alongside seafood dishes, such as gently spiced fish tacos, classic ceviche, or shrimp tostadas. You could also pair it with citrus-marinated grilled chicken or summer salads topped with a citrus vinaigrette dressing. It’s also a refreshing aperitif.

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