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Flynn Vineyards Pinot Gris 2015

The Apartment (1960)
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Just as West Coast Pinot Gris was once a well-kept secret, Jack Lemmon’s onebedroom flat in The Apartment (1960) is at the center of a number of secrets. Affairs, that is. The winking charm of Billy Wilder’s award-winning classic is a great pairing for this lovely and crisp white, whose light flavors match the playful romance between Lemmon and costar Shirley MacLaine.


Pinot Gris seems to have a special affinity for Oregon, where it takes on a very lively and attractive personality. Years ago, Saveur editor and author of The Great Wines of America, Paul Lukacs, called West Coast Pinot Gris “the best-kept secret in American wine.” These days, the cat’s definitely out of the bag – and examples like this fine white from the acclaimed Flynn Vineyards really show off the level of quality the style can reach in Oregon. Look forward to fresh aromas of honeysuckle and a luscious, tropical-fruited texture on the palate.


Pinot Gris (below) is truly international. It goes by that name in Alsace, France, while the Italians call it Pinot Grigio and in German vineyards it’s Grauburgunder. It can be lavish and almost “oily” in Alsace, while in Oregon, “it is crisper, fresher and more lively, with an orchard-like fruit spectrum lent light and shade by brighter acidity” (top critic Andrew Jefford). We think it’s lovely and interesting wherever it goes.


Oregon is very ‘un-Californian’ and proud of it. The state is generally quiet and unassuming. Its relatively young wine industry – whose stars are Pinot (Noir and Gris) – has been built, by and large, on a shoe-string budget. And quality just keeps getting better – Wine Spectator reports that “2015 could be the state’s most extraordinary vintage.” Tell us what you think of this fine example with a review.


This Pinot Gris is a treat on its own. Or, try it with classic pairings like Pacific Northwest salmon or simply roasted poultry. The wine can also handle spicy Asian flavors and marries well with lemon sauces (a difficult assignment for most wines). Another possibility is to serve it with a beet, goat cheese and cucumber salad with a citrus-based (try orange) dressing.

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