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Fratelli Fusco Coda di Volpe 2018
Beneventano IGT, Italy

Moonstruck (1987)
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Pair this Italian white, full of complex orchard fruit aromas and a honeyed palate, with one of the sweetest depictions of an Italian-American family ever captured on film. Cher and Nicolas Cage headline in a hilarious and often raucous look at two clans torn asunder by a love triangle: Cher’s Loretta is courted by both a good but none-too-bright boyfriend (Danny Aiello) and his passionate brother (Cage). At the helm is expert director Norman Jewison, whose career is full of films that zero in on ethnic clashes, foibles, and triumphs.


Fans of Italian whites (or any vibrant, complex whites), this one’s for you! Fratelli Fusco showcases the rare Coda di Volpe grape and hails from the renowned, century-old family estate of Carmine and Marco Fusco, located in Campania’s Beneventano subregion. Grown almost exclusively near Naples, this exciting variety is very difficult to find in the United States, so you’ve done well to secure your share. Look forward to ripe, orchard- and citrusfruit flavors, plus almond, honey, and fresh mineral notes.


Coda di Volpe (‘tail of the fox’) takes its name from its long, pendulous bunches of rust-hued grapes which resemble a fox’s bushy tail. This grape variety has been used to make wine in Campania since ancient times, as it thrives in the region’s volcanic soils, which bring acidity and minerality to the wines. Thanks to innovative local winemakers, it’s enjoyed something of a revival since the 1970s. The wines tend to be medium- to full-bodied, with vibrant, citrus-fruit flavors and sweet spice notes.


GI_grapes_PinotGris_FLAT (1)“Many of the best Italian whites are made from grapes that were virtually unknown 25 years ago” (The New York Times). And Campania’s Beneventano subregion is home to many of these exciting varieties. Due to the difficult growing conditions on Campania’s steep slopes, and the intense flavors of the wines, it has a reputation as one of Italy’s most prized and expensive wine regions.


fish_whitefish_overveggies (1)If you’ve never tasted Coda di Volpe before, enjoy a glass on its own to really savor the wine’s complex fruit and mineral notes. When you’re ready for a meal, pair it with seafood dishes. Baked white fish, seared scallops, or even sushi would all be delicious matches. You could also serve it with grilled chicken, white pizza, or creamy vegetarian pastas.

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