Movie & Wine Pairing


Geneseo Cellars Grenache Blanc 2016
Paso Robles, California

Pillow Talk (1959)

Never tasted a Grenache Blanc before? Then pair this delightful new experience with the fresh purity of Doris Day, Hollywood’s preeminent girl-next-door. The crisp, tropical fruit notes in the glass are matched by both the rich color cinematography and the central romance between Day and Rock Hudson’s character. It was the first time the two starred together, but not the last. The film’s box office success ensured a quick follow-up: 1961’s Lover Come Back


If you’re looking for a fresh, new California white, this lovely Grenache Blanc will fit the bill. It comes from our friends at Geneseo Cellars (named for the historic area of Paso Robles first planted to vines in 1886) and the stellar 2016 vintage, which the team says yielded Grenache Blanc with “excellent depth of color and wonderful flavor maturity.” The grapes were harvested in the cool, early morning to preserve fruit purity – and the resulting wine positively brims with vibrant, tropical- and citrus-fruit notes.


Grenache Blanc is the white-berried cousin of Grenache Noir. It’s a key grape in southern France, particularly in Roussillon, where it makes fuller-bodied whites in a range of styles (the finest are matured in oak, and are quite pricey). Its supple fruit character also makes it a prized component in white Rhône blends. Though still rare in California, Grenache Blanc flourishes in the Golden State’s sunny coastal vineyards and is made in a crisper style with a focus on purity of fruit – as you’ll taste.


VY_California_Ironstone1When Châteauneuf-du-Pape’s legendary Perrin family wanted to make Rhône-style wines outside of France, they made a beeline for Paso Robles, setting up shop with the renowned Haas family in 1987. The grapes thrive here – and no wonder. With the region’s hot days, cool nights, and long growing season, it’s an ideal spot for cultivating diverse red and white grapes from around the world.


fish_mahimahi_chutneyThis ripe-fruited Grenache Blanc makes a refreshing aperitif, but you’ll also find it pairs well with a variety of foods. It’s a top white for vegetarians – try it with your favorite veggies (we suggest roasted cauliflower) or a rich mushroom quiche. You could also enjoy it alongside hearty fish like salmon or swordfish, grilled chicken, or other savory white meats.

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