Grape Stuffed Game Hens, Pigeons or Chicken

by Lena Pearl Hall
HenOnce you make this incredibly simple recipe, your friends will toast each other for being so lucky as to be your friend. This is an old country Italian recipe for common game fowl.

2-3 Cornish Game hens (pigeons or one chicken)
1/4 lbs thinly sliced prosciutto
Olive oil
Bay leaves
1-2 lbs of seedless grapes (sweeter the better)

Pre-heat the oven to 375º. Take a large rectangular baking dish and coat the inside lightly with olive oil. Lightly oil the entire bird. Place 1-2 bay leaves (depending on if it is a chicken or small game) at the back of the bird's inner cavity. Wrap the top and sides with prosciutto. Now fill the cavity with grapes and surround the edges with grapes as well. Grapes should cover the bottom of the pan. Place in oven and bake for 30-45 minutes...testing to see when it is cooked throughout, but not burning the prosciutto. The grapes are a great moisturizer while the prosciutto 'toasts and slats' the fowl.

Serve with a wild rice or small red potatoes mixed with rosemary. A nice deep red red blend or Bordeaux wine will open this bird right up.