by Paullette Gaudet

Fathers Day Grillaxing_BlogIt’s no accident that the calendar placement of Father’s Day is right smack in the middle of high BBQ season: with tongs wielded as scepters and a sensible brimmed cap—err, crown—keeping the sun off his schnozz, Dads across the land rule summertime backyard cookouts with both benevolence and hickory-based secret sauces. In order to truly celebrate Dad on his day, don’t remove him from his natural habitat: instead, upgrade his BBQ accessories (it’s about time for a new Kiss The Cook apron, don’t you think?) and his ice chest choices with some seriously special wine selections worthy of the man who has always been there for you.

A bold, bright red—like Zinfandel, or a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah—is an excellent pairing with grilled meat, especially smoke-seasoned pork and beef. Even if Dad normally prefers beer, a Special Occasion glass of hearty red sipped alongside his signature slow-cooked ribs or bacon-wrapped filet mignon might just convince him that the right wine can complete the job of a good marinade by bringing out further nuances of flavor in cooked meat. White wine is also a great BBQ crowd-pleaser: an ice-cold Pinot Grigio or bubbly Vinho Verde provides the festive feel of a wine spritzer on its own, and a spice-cooling aspect on the tongue with food. As for toasts, a glass of red or white wine held high is always a classy choice, and a reserve vintage goes far in giving heft to any occasion.

It’s not easy being a dad, or the World’s Best Grill-Master: raise a glass in celebration of the man who has been The Best of Everything to you!