Movie & Wine Pairing


Hand Selected Cellar Special Cabernet 2015
Currency Creek, Australia

Cape Fear (1962)
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Robert Mitchum’s villainous character Max Cady remains one of the screen’s most frightening creations. His relentless intensity is the perfect match for this rich and intense Cabernet, with a splash of spicy Shiraz. But like the wine’s delicious fruit aromas and subtle oak, the film also gives us the mellower Gregory Peck as a foil. Be prepared to finish the film – and the bottle? – in one unforgettable sitting.


Released with ‘no frills’ labels, Australia’s ‘cleanskin’ wines allow you to enjoy first-rate quality without paying a big-name premium – and help the winery to shift stock in a hurry. Sold at the cellar door, they’re usually snapped up by locals, but (when he can) our man Down Under, Dan Parrott, likes to secure them for you, too. We can’t tell you everything, but here’s what we can share:

This deliciously rich Cabernet hails from a famous boutique that has won major international awards and sky-high point ratings from the likes of The Wine Advocate. In addition to a top-notch winemaking team and superb growing region (see below), it also benefits from an outstanding vintage. Across Australia, 2015 is being hailed as a fantastic year, in which “Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon show intense tannins and deep colors, with good cellaring potential” (Wine Spectator). A splash of Shiraz (5%) adds spicy, berry-oomph to the rich, black-fruit core, while time in barrel imparts subtle oak and chocolaty notes. Try it with hearty barbecue or pasta dishes.


Currency Creek is a small area in South Australia, known for its world-class Cabernet and Shiraz. Although only recently made an official wine region, families have been growing grapes here for over 50 years. It boasts a cool, maritime climate, thanks to nearby Lake Alexandrina and the Southern Ocean. The chilly breezes keep grapes fresh, while brilliant Aussie sunshine ripens them to perfection.


Down Under, they’re always keen to “throw another steak on the barbie,” and this bold Cabernet-Shiraz is a perfect match. Try it with your favorite cut – from a juicy rib eye to a thick T-bone. It’ll also be delicious with other barbecue classics: saucy chicken thighs, pulled pork and more. Vegetarian? Go for hearty pasta dishes like vegetable lasagna or gnocchi with mushrooms.

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