by Paullette Gaudet

Chardonnay Day_blogInternational Chardonnay Day traditionally falls on the Thursday before Memorial Day (May 25th, this year), but there's nothing "traditional" about this stalwart summer staple when it comes to flavor: crisp and fruity unoaked versions are beginning to win over the pinot grigio crowd, while the familiar buttery-cream oaked ambrosia is still in high demand.

Where has this greener, fruit-forward, and unoaked version of chardonnay been hiding? In the Chablis region of France, it seems. Chablis wines are traditionally made sans oak, utilizing stainless steel barrels instead. Without the butter-cream flavor input of oak, Chablis chardonnays retain only their pure varietal tastes, which tend to present as green apple and lemon. This Chablis style of no-oak chardonnays has gained in popularity world-wide, helped by the fact that it's cheaper to produce (no new oak barrels to buy regularly). That said, buttery chardonnays are here to stay. Their unique tasting notes of vanilla and dill, as well as their rich mouth feel, make oaked chardonnays equally ideal to sip alone or enhance the flavors of summer seafood and white meat dishes. Ready to celebrate this fine day of chardonnay with a glass featuring ripe peach and lemon flavors? Try our shipment's Chemins de Casel Chardonnay 2015, Pays d'Oc IGP, France. And, Happy Memorial Day!!!