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Hèdonè 2014
Umbria Bianco IGT

A Room with a View (1986)
FRIDAY, JUNE 16 @ 12:00 AM (ET)

There’s much pleasure to be found in this Merchant-Ivory adaptation of E.M. Forster’s classic novel. Set in Florence as well as England, much of the film was shot just down the road from the Umbrian vineyards where this delicious white blend was produced. Watch with someone special, and fall in love again with Italy and this refreshing wine with notes of fresh flowers and tropical fruit.


Our Italy expert, Davy Zyw, just can’t resist the country’s rare white blends. His latest discovery comes from Valentino Cirulli, whose family have been making fine wines for more than 150 years. A fascinating blend of local grapes (see below), Hèdonè is named after the Italian word for pleasure – and what a fitting name it is. Look for vibrant aromas and flavors of tropical fruits, citrus and white flowers. A perfectly mouthwatering aperitivo.


Just southeast of Tuscany, Umbria is a new hotbed for serious wines. Though small (Italy’s fourthsmallest region), its rolling hills are an ideal spot for growing topnotch grapes – reds and whites included. Hèdonè is crafted with Trebbiano, Malvasia, Grechetto and Manzoni Bianco (aka Incrocio Manzoni – confusingly, this is also the name of a totally different, and red, grape). The latter is known for its finesse and elegance, and is favored by winemakers like Valentino for producing wines that balance delicate flavors with a trademark fuller body.


The Cirulli family have been winemakers since 1861, the year Valentino’s greatgrandfather purchased land in his native Abruzzo. They began trading their home-grown wine and olive oil, and the business was born. But it wasn’t until the late 1980s that Valentino moved the operation to Orvieto, and in 2007, his winery opened its doors. He’s been focusing on his art (wine) ever since.


A classic aperitif, this fine white has great, food-friendly acidity and a little extra roundness, so it’s also perfect with a wide variety of seafood, chicken and vegetarian dishes. Try scallops in a lemon-cream sauce, chicken piccata or garlic shrimp over your favorite pasta. It'll also hit the spot with risottos – go for a simple preparation with mushrooms and fresh Italian parsley.

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