Movie & Wine Pairing


HJ Fabre Chardonnay Torrontés 2017
Mendoza, Argentina

Footlight Parade (1933)

With crisp and acidic dialogue of the Pre-Code era, a full-bodied performance by multi-talented star James Cagney, and the elegant finish of three Busby Berkeleychoreographed numbers, this entertaining Warner Brothers musical is a great partner to a fragrant Argentine white. Pour a glass and sit back for one of Golden Age Hollywood’s most exuberant entertainments.


Here are Argentina’s two great whites, in one fruitpacked exclusive. Bordeaux native Hervé Fabre wins trophies for his Malbec, but he’s certainly no slouch with whites. You’ll enjoy Chardonnay (“Argentina’s strongest suit in whites,” says Wine Spectator) and home-grown star Torrontés (famed for “terrifically fragrant, perfumed, yet rich and fruity wines with crisp acidity,” writes The Independent). Hervé constantly tasted and re-tasted the blend, until finally achieving the perfect recipe.


Nearly 30 years ago, Hervé and his wife Diane (inset) departed their native France for Argentina, and now run one of Mendoza’s leading estates … with the same quality obsession of a top Bordeaux château. Rigorous vineyard care helps keep grape yields low and flavor concentration high. Sustainable farming practices benefit both the environment and the wine. And, true to his heritage, Hervé swears by his favorite, fine French oak barrels (for his reds).


WM_HerveFabre_RoseMany wine lovers are familiar with Chardonnay – but if you’ve never tasted Torrontés, Hervé’s blend is a great introduction. “A lovely fresh aroma of tropical fruits mingled with citrus. On the palate, it is crisp and round with an elegant finish,” he says. Once thought to be Spanish, Torrontés is actually unique to Argentina, where it shares ‘star grape’ status with its red compatriot, Malbec.


latin_chickenfajitasEasy to sip on its own, this Chardonnay (80%) and Torrontés (20%) blend also delights with a wide variety of foods. Try seafood with richer sauces (during summer, crab gazpacho would be a great match; during winter, go for lobster bisque). If fish isn’t your thing, sip it with something with a little Latin American flair – we suggest savory empanadas or chicken tacos.

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