Movie & Wine Pairing


HJ Fabre Reserva Chardonnay 2016
Mendoza, Argentina

Gilda (1946)
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“Gilda, are you decent?” This wine is more than decent. Like star Rita Hayworth, it’s stunning and delicious, with a complexity to match. The intensity of this Argentine Chardonnay’s citrus notes is the ideal companion to director Charles Vidor’s film noir, set in a darkly stylized Buenos Aires. Savor the captivating musical performances by the title character, who is also ripened to perfection.


Bordeaux native Hervé Fabre makes some of our most popular Malbec – but he’s no slouch with whites, as you’ll discover with this latest release. Chardonnay is “Argentina’s strongest suit in whites” (Wine Spectator), and Hervé’s proves it – a previous vintage won a gold medal at the China Wine & Spirits Awards. Hand-harvested Chardonnay from prime, low-yielding vines in Mendoza have produced an elegant, luscious Reserva with pear and white peach notes that’s perfect for your next dinner party.


Nearly 30 years ago, Hervé and his wife Diane (below) left their native France for Argentina and now run one of the county’s leading estates … with the same quality obsession of a top Bordeaux château. Rigorous vineyard care helps keep grape yields low and flavor concentration high, and sustainable farming practices benefit both the environment and the wine. In the cellar (and true to his heritage), Hervé ages his wines in his favorite, fine French oak barrels.


WM_HerveFabre_RoseIn Argentina’s abundant sun and high-altitude vineyards, grapes ripen to perfection. “I am more convinced than ever that Argentina has the potential to become one of the most exciting wineproducing nations on the planet. No other country has its unique combination of French, Spanish, and Italian varieties and few can match its energy, passion, and sense of style,” says Master of Wine Tim Atkin.


latin_empanada_beefEasy to sip on its own, this medium-bodied wine also delights with a variety of foods. Try seafood with richer sauces (during chilly months, creamy seafood stew would be a great match). If fish isn’t your thing, go for a dish with South American flair like empanadas (chicken, pork, or even beef). It’s also a great bottle to serve with a spread of cheeses, nuts, and dried fruits.

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