Movie & Wine Pairing


Ink Shed Petit Verdot Shiraz 2018
South Eastern Australia

Godzilla (1954)

One of the most celebrated of monster movies, the Japanese horror film “Gojira” (later re-edited for American release with an added role for actor Raymond Burr) was in large part a reaction to the threat of nuclear war in the early 1950s. This original classic has lost none of its power or appeal, and it has inspired numerous sequels, spinoffs, and remakes. Try matching it with this inky-black blend from a fellow Pacific Rim country. The Petit Verdot grape, in particular, is powerful, fullbodied, and thick-skinned – much like the titular creature.


When the talented Bill Moularadellis first planted Petit Verdot, his fellow Australian winemakers called him crazy. In fact, one visitor peered into the fermentation tank and declared that the lush, dark concoction inside was ink, not wine. The winery has been known as the ‘Ink Shed’ ever since. True to its name, this gorgeous red shows a dark purple in the glass. A splash of Shiraz adds berryoomph to Petit Verdot’s spicy, black-fruit flavors – on full display, thanks to Australia’s exceptional 2018 vintage. Enjoy your bottle alongside hearty meats, pizza, and more.


Bill Moularadellis grew up in the wine industry – his parents have grown grapes in South Australia since the 1960s. In 1985, Bill took the reigns and started crafting wine at his family’s estate. Thanks to his quality-driven approach and willingness to experiment, Bill has won acclaim galore for his wines. Today, ‘Mr. Petit Verdot’ is Australia’s leading expert on the variety and even owns the country’s largest Petit Verdot vineyard.


GI_grapes_Old vine shirazThick-skinned Petit Verdot is one of Bordeaux’s classic black grapes, prized for its ability to impart depth to blends. Similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, it produces concentrated, tannic, and often spicy wines. Shiraz, on the other hand, is Australia’s flagship grape, beloved for its berry-packed character. Together, they create a bold, wonderfully balanced, and fruit-rich red.


pizz_sausage_pepperoniDown Under, they love to barbecue, so they’d serve this rich red with all manner of hearty meats. It has the weight to stand up to anything from grilled steaks to spicy game sausages to saucy pork ribs. If it’s not barbecue season, serve it alongside pizza (homemade or delivery). Our top picks are pepperoni with crushed red pepper, meat lover’s, or veggie supreme.

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