by Paullette Gaudet

international-grenache-day_blogWondering why the 2010 Grenache Symposium dubbed the third Friday of September International Grenache Day?? Um…maybe because Grenache is awesome, due to its uncredited, mouthfeel-improving influence on blends throughout the wine world. The most widely planted red grape on earth, Grenache could also be considered the most eco-friendly, courtesy of the long, sturdy roots that reach deep into subterranean water tables and make it less dependent on rainwater than other varietals. A true Mediterranean grape, Grenache happily grows in places with sun and olives, like Southern France, Spain, Northern Africa, and California. Exhibiting soft, velvety tannins that meld well with a wide variety of foods, Grenache is an ideal table wine for just about any meal; to make it even more all-purpose, it is available in red, white, rosé, and sweet styles.

Serving Note: A frequent flub with Grenache is pouring it too warm. For red and sweet styles, shoot for a cool serve between 55 - 65 degrees F. For white and rosé, serve stoutly chilled, but no lower than 45 degrees F. Grenache’s flavor profile is a welcoming blend of fruit notes (cherry, strawberry, plum) with warmth and spice. Highly drinkable with rounded tannins and good acidity, this wine for all seasons has wide appeal in blends or on its own. Celebrate Grenache this September 16th by ordering it in a restaurant, or serving it with home-cooked fare to a thirsty group of friends, and consider enjoying this versatile wine more than once a year!