Movie & Wine Pairing


J Opi Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
Mendoza, Argentina

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966)
SATURDAY, MAY 19 @ 03:00 PM (ET)

Famous for its arid terrain, the Mendoza region of Argentina recalls the wild American West. Director Sergio Leone’s landmark Western film similarly was made internationally: the film’s landscape sequences were shot in Spain, while interior sets were built in Italy. The ripe beauty and enticing character of this Cabernet and Leone’s celebrated film both make for an iconic pairing you won’t soon forget.


You may know Opi Sadler as our best-selling winemaker, whose rich Argentine Malbecs win rave reviews and customer Favorites galore. Last year, Opi brought us something new: a deliciously ripe Cabernet. Here’s the highly anticipated follow-up, crafted with fruit from Opi’s premium Mendoza vineyards, where high altitude and Andean snowmelt help grapes retain their trademark freshness. In the winery, oak aging imparts subtle vanilla spice notes to the ripe red currant and bramble berry flavors. We think it’s the perfect partner for grilled steaks or firm, aged cheeses.


Chief winemaker at the hugely acclaimed Andean Vineyards, Opi Sadler is one of Argentina’s most exciting talents (and, an aspiring chef, as you’ll see on the label!). Thanks to his long-standing partnership with our expert team, you enjoy insider access to his renowned wines (keep an eye out for his wildly popular Malbecs on our website). Here he is, enjoying a glass of his signature Cabernet Sauvignon.


WM_OpiSadlerRedWineGlassMendoza is Argentina’s capital of fine wine and is the place to go for top-class reds. Vineyards here were established in the mid-1500s. Perched at 2,500 feet above sea level, it’s blessed with near-perfect growing conditions, including a wide diurnal (day-to-night) temperature range. Warm, sunny days ripen the grapes to their flavor-packed peak, while chilly nights lock in intense aromas.


latin_empanada_beefAs an aspiring chef, Opi makes his wines with food in mind. He recommends this succulent Cabernet with hearty meat dishes, such as roast lamb or bison burgers. For a local flair, try it with traditional Argentine cuisine like spicy beef empanadas or a flank steak smothered in chimichurri sauce. Another tasty match? Firm, aged cheeses like Gouda or Gruyère.

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