by Paullette Gaudet

National Gardening Week_blogNational Gardening Week spans the first full week of June, and celebrates the many bucolic pleasures of this popular American hobby. The tending and enjoyment of one's garden (perhaps for the first time this year!) may be the week's primary focus, but the education of curious newbies is also encouraged: the National Garden Club promotes organized gardening events and activities during this holiday week.

Still unsure how to best celebrate? Welcoming family and friends into your personal garden this summer is a wonderful way to show off the fruits (and vegetables!) of your labor, while providing the perfect opportunity for basic gardening questions to be asked and answered. Munchies for your guests? Salads featuring seasonal goodies like heirloom tomatoes, beets, and grilled asparagus spears are surefire hits. To keep thirst at bay, a crisp white wine chilled almost-to-ice is the ideal accompaniment for a stroll around the garden or leisurely chat on the back porch: try pairing your slice of the outdoors with the peachy, tropical notes of our shipment's Sendero des Santos, Albariño 2013, Rías Baixas DO, Spain.

This year, National Gardening week might be the start of a summer spent mostly—and most happily—outside. Cheers!