by Sarah Shotwell

Wine Refrigerators for any budget_blogsizeFor those who are patient enough to wait for the perfect age time on that special bottle of GSM or Cab, having a safe, temperature-controlled place to store wine can mean the difference between a transcendental tasting experience and a deflating disappointment. Nothing is worse than opening up a wine lovingly stored for years, only to discover that it has gone flat, suffered oxidation, or turned to vinegar.

You’ll never have that problem again if you invest in a slick wine fridge, now designed to fit within any lifestyle or budget. There are built-in, portable, or countertop options holding anywhere from six to hundreds of bottles. And good wine storage isn’t only for the disciplined: for spontaneous types, what could be better than having perfectly chilled wine ready to go at a moment’s notice?

Do you have a wine refrigerator that you love? Have you found that it makes a difference?

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