Movie & Wine Pairing


La Trombetta 2014
Gavi DOCG, Italy

The Women (1939)
SUNDAY, JULY 9 @ 06:00 AM (ET)

Featuring several of Hollywood's finest actresses, The Women is just the kind of witty and elegant movie this crisp, elegant white deserves. Ride the divorce train to Reno with Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell and Norma Shearer and share some juicy gossip while sipping this delightfully fruity Gavi.


For many, Gavi is Italy's finest white. Yours was crafted by Claudio Manera (below) from Cortese grapes grown in a very special vineyard (it's shaped like the bell of a trumpet, hence the name 'La Trombetta'). The vines here were planted about 35 years ago, and produce grapes with great fruit intensity. Claudio wisely used cool fermentation to lock in all of those enticing, delicate aromas and flavors you'll only find in top Gavi. This is the perfect wine to serve guests before a big, festive Italian meal.


Cortese is the grape of Gavi, one unique to Italy and grown almost exclusively in this area - it positively thrives in the region's chalky, limestone soils and cool, maritime climate. And as you'll taste here, Claudio knows just how to coax out its delicate flavors and bright, zippy character. Produced originally to provide local Ligurian seafood restaurants with a refreshing, fish-friendly wine, Gavi has become one of the world's most famous whites.


You’ll find Gavi in Piedmont, one of Italy’s most famous wine regions. Over half of its annual production is either DOC or DOCG, the highest Italian wine quality categories. Compare that statistic to regions in the south, where only 2% of production fits in those premium categories, and you realize that this is serious wine territory. Cortese is a top white variety here.


Delicious as an aperitif, this elegant white is also incredibly food-friendly and able to be enjoyed straight through dinner. Perfect partners include simple white fish (pistachio-lime mahi-mahi is our latest favorite) and shellfish. Vegetarians can enjoy it with a mushroom risotto, or artichokes with a lemon vinaigrette (always a tough pairing, but Gavi is a white that works).

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