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Laurence Olivier Merlot 2018

Spartacus (1960)
MONDAY, JULY 20 @ 08:00 PM (ET)

Kirk Douglas usually first comes to mind when fans thinks of Spartacus, but the film would not be the same without Laurence Olivier playing his foil as Crassus. Nominated for 10 Academy Awards and comfortable in any genre, Olivier was one of the best actors to grace both stage and screen. Spartacus, a standout in itself, was nominated for six Academy Awards and won four


Regarded as one of the finest actors of the 20th century, Sir Laurence Olivier dominated the British stage, taking on (and redefining) some of the great Shakespeare roles. He also gave memorable performances in over 50 movies – on both sides of the Atlantic – in a career that spanned eight decades. We pay homage with a suave Merlot that’s not pretending to be anything other than delicious. Crafted with premium grapes from California’s Lake County and the stellar 2018 vintage, it overflows with velvety plum, red berry, and earthy spice flavors.


Named after a grape-devouring blackbird (le merle in French), Merlot is one of the world’s most popular reds. Known for yielding silky, food-friendly wines, it’s famous in Bordeaux’s Pomerol and Saint-Emilion regions, where it makes sought-after bottles that can sell for thousands of dollars each. Merlot thrives all over the world though, namely in California, where top cuvées from Napa and Sonoma can also fetch a pretty penny.


VY_California_LakeCountyLocated just north of Napa Valley, Lake County is one of the fastest growing wine regions in the U.S. (It’s currently home to over 30 wineries and 9,000+ acres of vineyards.) The county benefits from a long, warm growing season that gives grapes ample time to ripen, along with the moderating influence of Clear Lake (the largest body of freshwater in California), which helps grapes retain freshness.


game_PanRoastedQuailWhether you’re relaxing with a classic film or enjoying a family dinner, Laurence Olivier Merlot is a fine choice. While delicious on its own, it’ll really shine with food. Try dark-meat chicken thighs, duck confit, pan-roasted quail, or other poultry dishes. Vegetarian? Pair it with creamy mushroom risotto, eggplant parmigiana, or even lentil or root vegetable stews.

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