Movie & Wine Pairing


Lemon Hill Viognier 2016
Clarksburg, California

Born Yesterday (1950)
SUNDAY, JULY 7 @ 01:30 PM (ET)

Publicity for Born Yesterday described the lead character as “blonde, beautiful, and brazen.” Enjoy Judy Holliday’s breakout role with a glass of this breakout white varietal, Viognier. Rich and refreshing, it’s as unique as this great actress’s winning presence on screen.


This exclusive find was made at the legendary Don Sebastiani’s latest boutique venture, Don & Sons. The grapes were harvested from the Wilson Vineyard in Clarksburg, then expertly vinified by white wine dynamo Gloria Mercado-Martin (below). Thanks to her skill and a little help from Mother Nature (2016 was yet another superb vintage across California), the results in your glass are concentrated and complex. Expect classic white floral aromas plus opulent stone fruit and ginger-spice notes.


Bordered by the cooling waterways of the Sacramento River Delta, Clarksburg is optimum wine territory. The growing season here is nice and long, thanks to the moderating effect of the surrounding water. And, the region’s deep, fast-draining soils are ideal for growing more than 30 different grape varieties. Chenin Blanc has traditionally been the leading white, but there’s an increasing amount of other beautifully crafted whites like Lemon Hill arriving on the market.


WM_GloriaMercadoMartin_sebastianiViognier is a white grape variety from the northern Rhône that’s enjoying a surge in popularity, thanks to talented folks like Gloria and the Sebastianis. Viognier makes unique wines with all the weight of ripe-fruited Chardonnay, but with a delightful honeysuckle/apricot character. It’s often blended into (red) Syrah by winemakers in the Rhône to give the wines their distinctive, aromatic note.


chee_brie_whitewineThis fragrant, full-bodied white is perfect for roasted white meats. Turkey’s a top contender, but rosemary chicken or sage-rubbed pork tenderloin will be just as delicious. Think about creamy, vegetarian risottos too – the weight of the wine will match that kind of dish well. Viognier also suits soft-rind cheese (like Brie or any kind of triple crème) and makes a lovely aperitif.

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