Movie & Wine Pairing


Lillian Gish Pinot Grigio 2018
Delle Venezie DOC, Italy

The Wind (1928)
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Silent star Lillian Gish helped to define screen acting through a series of affecting performances, including this masterpiece from MGM and Swedish director Victor Sjöström (credited here as “Seastrom”). Gish plays a lonely Virginia woman who travels to her cousin’s Texas ranch, only to find herself involved in a story of love, betrayal, murder, and redemption. Throughout, her psychological state is rendered palpable through skillful craftsmanship and the compelling physical presence of Gish herself, one of the most significant of all film actors.


Screen acting pioneer Lillian Gish defined ethereal beauty and grace in the early days of cinema. With its delicate, citrusy nuances, this elegant Italian Pinot Grigio from talented winemaker Alessandro Gallici (below) is a deliciously fitting match for “the First Lady of American Cinema.” Grown on location in the cool, mountain-ringed vineyards of Venezie and given kid-glove care by Alessandro at every stage of winemaking, this stunning white is the ideal accompaniment for an evening of classic Gish films.


With its renowned, palate-cleansing purity, it seems a simple mention of Pinot Grigio makes people thirsty. But they don’t all taste the same. This small-batch gem comes from Italy’s cool north – it’s refreshing, minerally, and balanced (qualities that are easily lost during mass production). The word ‘Grigio’ or ‘grey’ actually refers to the grape’s color, which can range from a blush pink to a pinkish-grey. So, you may not be surprised to learn that Pinot Grigio makes lovely rosato (rosé) wines too.


WM_AlessandroGallici_SuitIf you were to drive toward Venice through the Dolomite mountains, you’d see golden orchards on the valley floor and vineyards clinging to the high, sloping hillsides. Here, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, and Pinot Grigio ripen to perfection, thanks to the wide fluctuations in temperature from day to night. This ‘diurnal’ shift produces an optimum balance of fruit flavor and fresh acidity – as you’ll taste here.


shell_polpetti_squidinoilWith its lovely citrus and melon, subtle almond, and enticing spice flavors, this classic Pinot Grigio is delicious with crudités, linguine primavera with fresh-shaved Parmesan, or grilled calamari drizzled in good-quality olive oil (a dish that Alessandro tells us is his favorite). It’s also a natural match for crisp salads. Alternatively, enjoy it on its own, as a refreshing aperitif.

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